Although I grew up in a family of Real Estate professionals…


becoming a full-time Realtor was something no one in my immediate family had done and to be perfectly honest getting started in the profession was a bit overwhelming. With a lot of conflicting advice out there and glamorous television shows that depict Real Estate Transactions that take place over the course of one phone call, there were certainly some misconceptions about what it was really like. I asked one of my family members who was a builder what he would do if he was going to start from scratch and he advised me to seek out the best training program any brokerage had to offer and start there.

That is definitely how I found myself at Milestone. Their mandatory mentorship program and agent training process were certainly the most in depth of any other brokerage I found. While it might not be for everyone, if selling Real Estate is really to be your profession, I don’t know how you could afford to do it any other way. My mentor took great pride in making sure I understood all the complexities of Real Estate transactions and really instilled in me the importance of the customer relationship and always working to be the consummate professional. He encouraged me to continue my education through the board and if there was a moment where I did not have something to do for my first couple of years I took more classes. I even convinced my wife to attend some with me so I would not be speaking a foreign language when we talked about work. I firmly believe the atmosphere and training at Milestone are what encouraged me to fully invest in myself and my career, jumping in with both feet.

The good news is that it worked. As my business grew I quickly realized the important reasons for me to keep my business at Milestone. Regardless if you are a new agent or a top producer in your market their model for agent support is definitely one of the finest. Every day I am able to spend more time with my clients, developing my business or working in my community because I have a support team in the office. They are there every day making sure we constantly have the most up to date and beneficial marketing materials, communication and technologies for our clients. I rely on them a great deal to keep pushing the creative envelope and I am always trying to modify myself and my business to run more efficiently, it would not be possible without them.

I believe in business built on real relationships, honesty, and hard work. I believe Milestone believes in all of those things to which is why I call this place home.